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The Digital Hub, located at Stratford-upon-Avon hospital is designed to help accelerate the digital delivery of care

The Digital Hub is a creative space, which brings together industry, academia, health and care providers, to create an innovation eco-system. Our model is simple, but powerful, we are solely led by clinician challenges or opportunities to deliver better digital care.

Enabled by AI; focused on patient outcomes. 

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The Digital Innovation Hub was formally opened by Matt Hancock, MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, in December 2020.

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Keeping people at home, longer, healthier, and out of the care system.

Putting people in front of health and wellbeing problems with MySense

How do we eliminate the need for multiple wired devices, frequent spot-checks of vital signs and manual data entry?

In Hospital Monitoring with Biobeat

How do we look to discharge patients earlier?

High-quality patient care with Hospital at Home (H@H)

How do we better triage and reduce unnecessary presentations at ED?

There are three consistent themes relating to urgent and emergency care: difficulties in discharging inpatients when they are ready to go home; the rising demand at A&E departments, with the fragmentednature of out-of-hospital services unable to offer patients adequate alternatives and complex oversight arrangements between trusts, CCGs and councils. Can technology help ease these pressures and drive efficencies?

The problem that we are trying to solve is how to convert machine readable data to machine computable data in the speciality of Respiratory Medicine in an automated manner. Specifically, this is with regards to data of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Once such machine computable data is available, it will be used to mine the structured dataset and identify patients with COPD who are at risk of deterioration and increased risk of hospital readmissions in the Warwickshire population.

Driving operational efficnies and increasing patient saftey with the Cardic Investigation Unit (CIU)

Helping digitise the Cardiology department enabling clinical users to have one solution to review and report their cardiology patients.This removes any paper based practices and gives one platform to analyse report and review Cardiac Rhythm management implants and clinic, Non-invasive Cardiology exams, Cath lab procedures, Echocardiography, Stock Management and provides a full Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) to the department.

Medical 3D printing

Historically, 3D printed models have only been used for the most complicated surgeries, however the value of 3D visualisation and 3D printed models extends far beyond only these complex cases. With highly accurate models, affordable pricing, and fast turnaround time, our goal is to provide 3D visualisations and get 3D printed models into the hands of as many surgeons as possible, helping them improve patient lives

Automations – Removing mundane, repetitive tasks away from humans so humans can do more valuable work

Automations – Removing mundane, repetitive tasks away from humans so humans can do more valuable work Working with clinical teams we are looking at how chatbots can help remove mundane tasks, use cases include appointment booking, general Q&A as well as calling patients

Helping people see

Helping people see Helping people with central and peripheral vision loss see using computer vision aided glasses


Using wareable technology to incentivise patients to be more involved in their diabeties care


Using augmented reality to aide learning and devlopment teams as well as surgical preperation

Wound Care Management

Looking at how a wound care application that takes automatic wound measurements, photos and can integrate current pathways such as medical history, exudate levels and dressing selection

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We welcome engagement with healthcare companies, from start-ups to global companies. The Digital Hub is an ideal landing pad to foster corporate innovation and accelerate engagement within the NHS.